When does your roof need replacing? What are precautions you can take to prevent any other damages?

The first thing to do is figure out where your roof is standing with the following questions:

· When was the last installation?

· Who/what company installed it?

· When was the roof last inspected?

If your home was built over 20 years ago, you might be due for a replacement. If you are living in a newer development with newer material, your roof may have a few years left in it. Getting an inspection is always worth the effort in order to confirm the phases your roof could be in.

There are of course other indications that your roof may need replacement. This can include sloping in your roof, tree branches hanging over and damaging parts of your roof, or even from animals creating holes and that are looking to hibernate in your attic.

Even if there aren’t any indicators your roof is in need of a makeover, it doesn’t hurt to get it inspected.

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