Staying warm in the winter is about more than just having a furnace or fireplace—it also depends on how well your home retains heat. Without adequate insulation, the heat in your home won’t stick around, and you’ll mostly likely see these common issues:

High energy bills.

If you’ve been dealing with increasing energy bills, it may be due to your insulation. When the insulation in your attic and walls is less effective, then your heating and cooling system has to work harder to warm up your home. In general, homeowners found that having a proper amount of insulation can save them 10% to 50% on their heating bill.

Fluctuating temps between rooms.

Have you ever walked into a different room and felt the temperature dramatically change? Pay special attention to rooms above the garage or below the attic: how do they compare to the rest of the home? If they’re much colder, then this is a sign that your insulation isn’t working as well anymore.

Leaks in the attic.

If your roof has damage and you also have poor insulation, that could be a recipe for disaster when water leaks into your attic. While that causes problems on its own, you will definitely need to replace your insulation because water in that material can easily lead to mold. The homeowners should also get their roof repaired to ensure that their new insulation is safe from the elements.