3 Reasons to Get Your Roof Done in the Fall

Sep 12, 2019Blog

Homeowners are often reluctant to call a roofing expert when there are minor damages – however, smaller damages can lead to bigger problems. In the Midwest, our winters are bound to have harsh conditions that only make exterior circumstances worse than they are, to begin with.

Revive Restoration knows the summertime season can be busy for families on vacation, with school activities, and overall in life in general. That’s why in this blog article we cover a few of our top reasons to plan on roofing work in the Autumn season, the perfect in-between time from the busy summer season and the harsh winter months.

1. Wildlife Are More Likely to Move in

With the temperatures cooling down, that only means one thing for our wildlife – they’re looking for a place to stay during the winter months. Overlooking the small damages in your roof can cause rodents to move in. Taking care of what might seem like a minute issue can save you from a costly disaster in the long haul.

2. Midwest Winters

As mentioned before, the winter season is roughly upon us. Waiting until the next season for a roofing job can potentially cause more damage. The Midwest winters can be harsh not only in temperature terms but also to your roofing and siding. The more vulnerabilities there are in your roofing, the more susceptible it is to damage caused by water leakage, ice buildup, and misaligned gutters that are all threats to the weight of your entire home. Avoid mid-winter emergency repairs.

3. Post Seasonal Wear

Although the Winter can be very damaging to your homes roofing system, the Summer and Spring months can by far be more detrimental to the life of your roof. The sun and moisture can cause a combination of extreme structural issues and start to cave in to your home through leakages, chipped shingles, or other various destruction. After a full summer of humidity, storms, and sun – it’s never a bad idea to get your roof checked out.

Roofing season isn’t always in the hottest months of the season. If you didn’t have a chance to get your roof looked at this Summer, there’s still time. Give Revive Restoration a call today to get a free inspection and estimate.

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