Siding Replacement

Whether you’re interested in changing your home’s siding to update the appearance or you’ve been affected by a recent storm, we can help. Offering a wide array of color and material choices, we have what the expertise to source and install exactly what you need.

There are many material options for siding a home. Some of the more popular choices are noted below.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding has been an industry staple for the past 60 years. An economic and low-maintenance choice, vinyl is a great choice as replacement siding for a home. It’s relative ease in installation reduces costs associated with labor and gets your home back to new quickly.

Cement Board

A relative newcomer to the market, cement board was first made famous by the James Hardie company.  Cement board is a very durable product made from a combination of wood pulp, fly ash, and Portland cement. It does not become brittle in freezing temperatures making it a good choice for climates like the Midwest where we experience extreme temperature differences between seasons.

Engineered Wood

If you want the look of vinyl, but with more texture and eco-friendly properties; engineered wood siding is a great option. It is generally made of wood chips bound by resin and covered by a moisture-resistant overlay. This type of siding is considered eco-friendly when compared to other wood siding as it reduces the number of trees needed to create.

Metal Siding

Metal siding is a product that has it all: durability, style, and low maintenance. This siding adds a bit of energy efficiency to the mix of benefits as well.  By diverting the sun’s UV rays, this siding may make it easier to heat and cool your home. Like other offerings, metal siding is available in many color and style options so you will be able to let your personality shine.

Cedar Shakes

Last, but certainly not least, are cedar shakes. Cedar shakes are made from lumber logs and crafted into shape by hand. They overlap each other and require regular maintenance, so if you don’t mind putting in the extra work to keep your siding looking brand new, this is a great option.

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Susan S.

I’m very pleased with the work done by Revive Restoration. Everything accomplished without a hitch. I would recommend them highly for any roofing job, mine looks fantastic! Micky did the communication with Insurance company which made it all very simple for me. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was for me. Thanks Revive Restoration for a job well done!

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Bon S.

Very late season and last minute scheduling on my part. Tear off & re-shingle of three roofs. Looks very nice! Clean-up could've been better, a few nails here & there and they missed cleaning the neighbors yard after the re-shingle (looks like they cleaned after tear-off though); the waste I picked out of neighbors yard was all new nails/trimming. Overall I'm satisfied with product and the service. Again the roofs look good. No damages noted.

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Mike T.

Truly one of the best contractors I have had the pleasure to work with. Fixed our storm damage in a timely manner with great communication along the way. Quality work. Really helped relieve some of the stress that always comes with these situations.

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