Storm Damage

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Storm Damage

If you live in the Midwest, you’re familiar with extreme weather. High winds, thunderstorms, and blizzards are all regular occurrences. Sometimes they all seem to happen on the same day!

Storms Can Damage Your Property In Several Ways

· High Winds

Wind can be part of storms regardless of the season. High winds can dislodge roofing shingles or send branches or other debris smashing into your house. Flashing and mortar can also be damaged, compromising your home’s ability to keep water out.

· Heavy Rains

A big thunderstorm can drop a lot of rain quickly. Torrential rains can overwhelm a property and lead to flooding.

Wind and rain can drive water into any gaps in your roof or siding, resulting in water damage. If left untreated, damp areas can turn into a breeding ground for mold.

Contact Revive Restoration To Bring Your Home Back To Pre-Storm Condition

If you think you may have storm damage, don’t delay getting it fixed. Our team of experts can inspect your property and advise you about any repairs you need.

The trained technicians at Revive Restoration will bring your home back to its pre-storm glory. And we’ll handle your repairs quickly and painlessly. 

Don’t forget to ask about our Always-On Monitoring Program. We will keep tabs on the weather for you and contact you to arrange a free inspection after hail rolls through with Always-On. 

Contact Revive Restoration today. Let’s get your home back into shape!

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