The Importance of Working with a Certified Roofer

Jan 15, 2021Blog, FAQ's, Storm Damage

No matter what the season, weather conditions can cause roof damage that requires a restoration company. There are various aspects to look at when choosing a roofing contractor, including price, availability, and recommendations. While these are all good questions to ask, the first one should be if they are certified.

Benefits to hiring a certified roofer

The benefits to hiring a certified roofer versus an uncertified one are vast and include more than just financial or aesthetic reasons. The top three advantages to hiring a certified roofer are:

An understanding of legal requirements and permits.

If a roofer you hired gets injured on the job and they don’t have workers compensation, you could be responsible for medical bills and missed pay. You don’t have to worry about lack of insurance when you use certified roofers as certification requirements include having both liability insurance and workers compensation. Another benefit of hiring a certified roofer is that they understand what permits are needed to be in compliance with local and state laws.

Extensive safety training.

Another requirement for certification is safety training. Learning how to safely work on high, slanted areas is important for a roofing company as that is where their employees spend most of their time. Learning how to safely navigate on an incomplete roof while carrying tools and supplies is an important in keeping roofers – and their clients – safe.

The use of quality products.

While certified and non-certified roofers have access to similar products, certified roofers offer more bang for your buck. If a product manufacturer discovers an uncertified roofer used their product, they can cancel the manufacturer’s warranty. On the other hand, certified roofers keep the warranty intact and often offer their own warranty through their company.

There are other advantages that come with a certified roofer. They work efficiently, saving you precious time and money, and are expertly trained which results in high quality work every time. Certified roofers want to help clients with roof upkeep, so they provide basic maintenance advice that homeowners can do themselves to extend their roof’s lifespan. And if your roofer has multiple certifications, it means they can do a variety of services. Using a certified “one-stop shop” roofing company reduces the headache of hiring different contractors for different services.

At Revive Restoration, are roofers are certified in both Minnesota and Wisconsin in a range of restoration services including roofing, siding, insulation, and gutter maintenance. The next time you need a new roof or siding replacement, call Revive Restoration, the integrity driven experts in storm damage repair.