What Are The Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Siding?

Mar 17, 2021Blog, FAQ's, Siding

As spring approaches, now is a wonderful time to do a good visual assessment of the exterior of your home. Damage from winter winds or past hailstorms can sometimes be hard to spot without the eye of a trained expert, especially if the damage is to your roof. However, siding is easier to assess from the ground. Some things to consider about the condition of your siding include:


As with most things that see a lot of sunlight outdoors, your siding’s color will start to fade due to sun exposure and age. While some people choose to just repaint, this signals that your siding’s weatherproofing advantages are reaching the end of its effectiveness. New siding would be a better investment to ensure your home is properly protected.

Cracks or warping

As we move through the seasons, your home may have to deal with some extreme weather that damages its exterior. When a hailstorm, for example, comes down at the right angle to affect your siding, then homeowners might see some holes or cracks the next day. In general, however, the natural effects of a four-season region will take its toll on your siding over time, which could also warp it through temperature changes.

Fungus, mold, or algae

While these can be more common for homes located near large bodies of water, it can still happen to any siding. Fungus, mold, and algae grow when moisture sticks around for too long, such as during the rainy season, and could penetrate your siding by growing near the seams. Overall, it can lessen the effectiveness of the siding’s weatherproofing nature.

Blisters or bubbling

Similar to the issue above, when moisture gets trapped in your siding, it can also cause other damage such as bubbles of moisture forming beneath the surface. This could then lead to the addition of mold growth, which can reach inside the home if it goes on long enough without remediation.

Spring is an excellent time to start the process on siding or roof replacement. The experts at Revive Restoration are here to help. Give us a call for a no cost storm damage inspection.