Here’s What to Do After Storm Damage to Your Roof

Jan 10, 2022Blog, Storm Damage

Storms are natural disasters that you can never control, only prepare for. It remains a fact that no matter how much preparation you do, you may not avoid some storm damage. This blog post will give you information on what to do after storm damage affects your home.

Strong winds, hail, and lightning can all damage your Minnesota home. Storms are unavoidable, so it helps to know how to act when one is looming. Nobody wants storm damage, but homeowners need to know what to do when it happens.

Your roof is the first thing precipitation hits. Its exposure to the elements makes it common for storms to damage it in particular. Ultimately, the best thing you can do after a storm damages your home is hire a trusted restoration company. Revive Restoration in Stillwater, MN, is the best company to hire for storm damage repair. If your home has become damaged after a storm, contact us.

Let’s go through some steps you can take to manage storm damage to your roof.

The Dangers of Storm Damage

Damaged roofs are less stable and can be dangerous. Make sure your home is habitable and safe. If it isn’t, find another place to stay for the duration of repairs.

Not sure about the extent of the damage? Here is how storm damage on your roof might look like.

What to Do After Storm Damage

Do you know what to do after storm damage to your roof Look for signs of damage. Here you'll see damaged asphalt shingles.

Assess the Damage

A storm always calls for a roof inspection. Here are some signs of damage to look for:

  • Damaged or missing shingles
  • Debris in gutters
  • Deformed roof
  • Water damage

Your shingles say a lot about the state of your roof. Physical damages are easy to check for, as well as the presence of debris in your gutters.

Unlike obvious wind or hail damage, water damage can be subtle and slow to spread. If left unchecked, this can reach other parts of the house and result in structural damage. Check for signs of rot or water in your walls to prevent extensive damage.

Want to know how to spot roof damage after a storm hits? Here is a more extensive guide in identifying storm damage to your roof.

Contact Your Insurance Agent or Company

An insurance agent holding their hands over a small wooden house. Your insurance will help determine what you should do after storm damage to your roof and home.

If you find that your roof is damaged, get ready to file an insurance claim. Your homeowners’ insurance policy should cover damages.

For the insurance claim, document the weather damage before anything else. Take photos of damage right away. Keep this proof, along with any important details, until all repairs are complete.

After contacting your insurance company, your house may get a visit from an adjuster for assessment. It’s best to get a quote from a trusted roof restoration company beforehand. This will give you a benchmark on the cost of repairs.

Be Wary of Scammers

Shingles on a roof with storm damage.

The high demand for restoration services will make the price dip. This is good for consumers and restoration businesses alike, but it is also an opportunity for scammers.

During this season, some companies may offer you unrealistic “good” deals. Be wary of deals that are too good to be true. Check out these telltale signs of a scam.

Before hiring someone to repair storm damage to your home, check the company’s online presence. Look for reviews on their work across platforms. Check to see if the company has the necessary licenses and registrations, too.

Hire a Reputable Roof Restoration Service

An experienced roof installer fixing a roof after a storm.

There is an urgency about storms rolling in. They can be stressful, but these tips should make it easier for you and your household.

Now that you know what to do after a storm damages your home, avoid more stress and hire a trusted restoration company. If you are a homeowner near Stillwater, Minnesota, looking for professional repairs, we may be the one for you. Reach us here to get the best service for any kind of storm damage.