When Does My Home Need New Insulation?

Feb 15, 2021Blog, Insulation

If there’s ever a time when you want proper insulation, it’s during the winter months in the Midwest. We deal with polar vortexes, blizzards, and strong winds that could naturally bring down the temperature in your home. Luckily, adequate insulation and ventilation really help with both saving you money and keeping your family warm. But what happens when your insulation starts to fail, and what are the signs to look for? Our insulation experts are here to help!

When you should contact an expert for an inspection:

  • If you’ve had any water damage on your roof that reached the insulation, then you’ll need new insulation in that damaged area at least. Leaving it for too long could cause mold to grow and then spread across your attic, so a complete removal would be necessary.
  • If you notice damage. Insulation that has been ripped or punctured will lose some of its integrity and ability to properly insulate your home. The damaged material should be replaced or reinforced with another layer of insulation (if applicable).
  • If you suspect the previous owners had cut some corners or used cheaper insulation products that you feel are not as effective. It’s not always necessary to remove current insulation if new materials can be added on top to build up the proper amount.
  • If you’ve noticed your home or certain rooms have more drafts this winter. In some cases, this could be an issue with window weather stripping, so you should also check to see if you feel any air coming in from the windows.
    It’s become difficult to heat your home, your energy bill has gone way up, or the temperature fluctuates too often even when you leave your thermostat on a consistent temp.

If you’re still unsure whether or not you need a partial or full replacement, it never hurts to have an expert come by for an inspection. Homes that are properly insulated can save 10% to 50% on their heating bill and potentially avoid the costly damage of ice dams. Unfortunately, data shows that almost 90% of homes have below the proper insulation, so they’re missing out on those key benefits. Call Revive Restoration for expert insulation services you can trust.