Why You Should Plan Ahead on Your Home Exterior Projects

Dec 16, 2020Blog, Roofing, Shingles

Here’s to the upcoming new year! Even throughout all the craziness of 2020, we were fortunate to have a lot of roofing and siding jobs to keep us and our employees busy. As we move into 2021 and our continuing winter off-season, we’re ready to take it a little slower while still handling some jobs when the weather allows. Plus, we always take calls from homeowners looking to get a head start on their home exterior projects for 2021. Why should you also consider this? For these two key reasons:

Get Ahead of the Rush

Roofing installers have to keep on their toes. Once a damaging storm rolls through the area, we get an influx of calls from homeowners that we then have to fit into our schedule. If we’re already pretty booked up, then homeowners may have to wait awhile for our experts to come inspect and repair their roof. In the spring, since the weather is still pretty tame as we’re gearing up for the summer, we will have more open time as we prepare for busy severe storms season. If you’ve already got some damage on your roof or it’s been around 10 years since it was replaced, then we recommend calling up a roofing company to ask about their schedule.

Better Budgeting

Just like all extensive contracting projects, working ahead allows you to better plan your budget and any loans you may need to take out for home improvement. When you have more time to save, then you can put more towards the down payment or even the complete project. Additionally, if your insurance can be applied towards the project, it helps to have adequate time for communication with your agents and the contractors to ensure everything is covered. It pays off in the end!

Essentially, by working ahead, you can try to avoid some of the stress of scheduling and paying for last minute roofing projects. If you’re unsure about whether you roof needs repair, give us a call to see when our windows of opportunity are in the spring, which are ideal since the snow starts to melt off the roofs. Revive Restoration is here to help with your exterior home needs. Contact us for a free inspection and estimate.