Winter and Your Roof – Things to Watch Out For

Nov 12, 2020Blog, Ice Dams, Roofing, Storm Damage

Winter is nothing new for the hearty Minnesotan. We’re used to cold weather and lots of snow. We also know winter can take a toll on many things and your home’s roof is no exception.

Ice Dams

Poor insulation – Snow melts during the warm daytime hours and refreezes at night or when the weather gets cold. The constant effect can cause an ice dam to form. You may notice icicles forming. They may be your first sign of an issue with a growing ice dam. If left unchecked, the ice dam can grow to become a hazard to your home in the form of a leaking roof.


A snowy winter can become an issue when it is too heavy for your roof to withstand. You may remember a few years back when many roofs in the area collapsed due the weight of the snow.

When snow piles up to this extreme point, you many need to consider removing it. However, be careful! Snow shoveling and snow rakes can damage shingles if you’re not careful during the removal process.


Wind can be an issue in any season. In a high windstorm, shingles can detach from your home leaving the home’s roof sheeting exposed. Without the protective shingle layer, your home is much more likely to experience leaking.

I Have Damage, Now What?

If you experience damage to your roof this winter, call Revive Restoration. Our crews are available year-round in the event of an emergency. We’ll work with your insurance company to ensure you get the best results possible for coverage. We are a trusted, locally owned, and operated company.