Can I still get my Roofing Replaced in Winter?

Jan 16, 2020Blog, Roofing

The short answer to this is ultimately YES. With the right roofing contractors, although it may not be the most ideal weather conditions, it is still manageable to replace a roof in the winter season.

Other things to note:

Roofing itself can be dangerous, however in the winter months it adds even more precaution. A new roof installation is possible, but the project time may also be expected to be a bit delayed.

Some material also require certain temperature conditions to work in.

Always be sure to understand what your insurance covers, and also make sure you are getting proof of licenses from any contractors you’ll potentially hire.

Roofing that requires shingles can be a bigger concern in the wintertime.

If you are experiencing a damaged roof in the winter, make sure to call someone to get out there right away. The most common mistakes are homeowners that replace their roofing system when the winter season passes. This can result to a more expensive project down the road, and more severe damages from ice dams, snow build up, roof collapsing, and more.

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