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    “We had hail damage to our roof and we were in the middle of selling our house. Christian came out to inspect everything and met up again when the insurance adjuster came out and handled everything for us. He got our roof replaced in a day! We were so so so impressed with his team and even our neighbors commented on how professional and fast the crew was. He was always available to answer my questions about the insurance process and made everything so easy. We could not be happier!”
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Stop Ice Dams Where They Start in the Twin Cities

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If you are from the Midwest or have been around the Twin Cities for a while, you are familiar with extreme weather, high winds, blizzards. According to inspections, 90% of homes have below the proper amount of insulation. Not enough insulation is a contributing factor to ice dams forming on a home and also adds to higher then necessary heating and cooling bills. Revive Roofing and Restoration can provide a free inspection of your home and give you the recommendations you need to resolve insulation or ventilation issues.

The Importance of Adequate Roof Insulation

Does your home ever have ice dams at the edge of your roof? Do the winter months feel too cold even when the heater is on, or do the summers feel too hot even when the air conditioning is cranked? These can be symptoms of not having the propoer amount of insulation. Adding the proper amount of insulation can shave 10-50% off your heating bill. It is not necessary to remove any old insulation. New insulation can be added right over the old to build up to the proper amount needed to create a more energy efficient home.

Roof Insulation FAQs



What’s the most common type of insulation material used in the Twin Cities?
Spray foam is a popular insulation option for attics due to its air-sealing technology that expands to fill the installation area. This provides a perfect fit that safeguards air from escaping.
How long does insulation last?
The longevity of insulation materials hinges on various factors, primarily the brand and type, with most lasting 20 to 30 years.
Does roof insulation help prevent ice dams?
Yes, proper insulation can prevent damage to your roof from ice dams. When the warmer air inside your house tries to escape through the top of your roof but is blocked by snow and ice, it heats up and refreezes the snow, causing major issues to your roof.
Insulating your attic and roof is an easy way to protect your home’s integrity and avoid expensive repairs later on. Plus, you get to enjoy lower energy bills! Want to learn more? Get a free consultation scheduled with the insulation professionals at Revive Roofing and Restoration.