Caught in the Path of a Storm

May 18, 2020Blog, Roofing, Storm Damage

With May, we usher in storm season in the upper Midwest. From damaging winds to large hail, summer storms can wreck-havoc on a home. And then there are those sneaky storms that drop hail, but don’t cause damage that is visible from the ground.

It’s the second kind of storm that is more cause for concern if you’re a homeowner. Hail hits to a roof really do require a trained eye to spot. Even if some hail hits are determined to be on your roof, if you don’t have enough of them, your claim may be rejected by an insurance adjuster.

Short of calling your insurance company every time a small hailstorm goes through your area, what is a homeowner to do? We’ve compiled a quick check list for you to keep handy this season.

  1. Establish a relationship with a trusted, local roofing contractor. When a large storm event happens, roofing contractors fill up quickly. You want to be sure your home is inspected quickly, and your repairs are done right. When you already know a good contractor, your job becomes simple. Some even offer maintenance inspections and watch storm maps so they may know about an event even before you do.
  2. Check your home, from the ground, to see if there are dents in your gutters or siding. Hail in a large enough quantity or hail that has been wind driven will cause damage to more than just your roof.
  3. Have a pre-season inspection done on your home so you know if you have lingering damage from the previous year. Most insurance companies have a limited time (2 years) from the date of the storm until you must submit your claim otherwise you risk non-payment for your repairs via your homeowner’s policy.

Maintaining a home can be a big job. Let the professionals at Revive Restoration help.

Stay safe this summer. Stay sky aware. If you suspect you’ve been caught in the path of a summer storm, give us a call for your no cost inspection.