4 Benefits of Hiring a Local Roofing Company in Minneapolis

Jun 10, 2023Blog, Local Roofing Contractor, Minneapolis, Roofing

Headlines across America read of untrustworthy contractors stealing money from honest homeowners and refusing to start or even finish roofing projects. The fear of placing trust in a roofing company is real. Locating a roofing contractor who understands your needs is important when making sure the job is done right and professionally. There are many things to consider when choosing to hire a local contractor. What are some of these key points? 

local roofing contractor, Minneapolis

Local Company

Fly-by-night roofing companies are nothing new. They travel to storm-infected areas, knocking door to door, gaining work from trusted neighbors and friends, finishing a rush job, and carrying on to the next devastated town. Many times. these roofing companies cannot be found after they drive off your property. They “take the money and run”. Don’t be fooled by the low prices these companies offer. They may be quick in fixing or replacing your roof, but the long-term effects are evident. Put your trust in a local roofing company that holds higher standards.

When you decide to hire a local roofing contractor, they can be found if any complications arise. They stand behind their products and their service. You know they will be around to answer the phone, and an 

appointment can be made to inspect your roof. At Revive Roofing and Restoration in Minneapolis, we stand behind our workmanship and our products. Not only are we thorough in the installation process with the right materials, but we also provide a complete follow-up inspection. We need to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the quality of our work. 


local roofing company Minneapolis

Friends and family love to discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of their experiences. If a contractor did a fabulous job and was reliable, honest, and upfront in the business relationship, word of mouth will spread through the community. The same goes for a contractor who charged too much, had poor workmanship, and was rude. Trust your friends and family when it comes to their experiences! They will tell you like it is! 

If you are considering a contractor unfamiliar to your peers, ask the company for references. A trustworthy company will direct you to sources that you can speak with regarding their workmanship. It is always better to ask the question than to have doubt 

Laws, permits, and rules

Building codes are laws. These laws must be followed to protect you and your home. Some companies choose not to follow these codes in order to lower their prices and be competitive with other contractors. That can cause problems for you, the homeowner! Your home could fail inspection, lead to roof leaks or even shorten the lifespan of your roofing system. Don’t get caught with additional fees because you chose to trust the wrong company. Ask the questions and demand the answers to ensure quality and proper procedures according to the law.

A sense of community

We, like you, love the city we live in! We have been servicing your friends and neighbors for years, and we aren’t going anywhere! We are here to help with any roof storm damage and residential and commercial roofing needs. Our friendly team shops at the same stores you do and fills up at the same gas stations. We cheer on the same high school basketball team and celebrate the local elections. We struggle together and succeed together.

Revive Roofing and Restoration is a company that can be trusted when it comes to the quality of your roof. We offer top-of-the-line roofing services designed to shield your home and lower your energy bills. Our premium roofs come with a lifetime warranty, and our team is skilled to install your roof with efficiency and professionalism. Feel confident in the roof over your head when you trust Revive Roofing and Restoration!