The Most Common Summer Roof Problems in Minneapolis

May 14, 2023Blog, Minneapolis, Roof Problem, Roofing

Spring is a perfect time to have an inspection done on your roof. It is after the harsh Minneapolis winter and before the steamy summer. During this sweet spot, an inspection can be done to document any broken shingles, areas of complications from ice dams, or areas of weakness. During the summer months, a wise homeowner can be sure these troubled areas are repaired and ready to forge forward.  

However, the summer months and the weather that accompanies them can cause some damage to the roofing system that must be addressed quickly. Let’s review some of these areas, and seek the appropriate measures to fix them. 

Poor Ventilation

We trust that whoever installed our roofing system made sure there is an adequate venting system in place. Perhaps, though, the vents have become blocked. How would one know? The inspection process is the time to check. If the vents are blocked, or there aren’t enough available, then heat and moisture can collect in the attic and begin to rot your roofing system. This will substantially shorten the lifespan of your roof. The moisture can create mold and mildew which is another issue to contend with. The vents are essential in allowing the excess heat to escape. 

Poor Insulation

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Along with vents, the amount of insulation is important. This is important, not only for the summer months but the winter as well. Poor insulation can increase the energy bills which means money spent each month that could otherwise be saved. Checking on the amount of insulation, and the condition of it can greatly impact the integrity of your roof. 

Damaged Shingles

As the heat of the Minnesota summer sun beats down, day after day, the shingles can become dry and cracked. The dry shingles will become brittle and soon break off. Summer storms full of rain, hail, and or strong winds, may add to the situation, and accelerate the damage. A strong solid roof is needed to fight against these forces of nature. 


summer roof damage, Minneapolis

It doesn’t take much for a gutter system to become clogged. A few fallen leaves, small branches, or even a nest from a small critter family can create havoc for water disbursement off of your roof. Cleaning your gutters and downspouts on occasion will ensure a longer-lasting system.

Trimming Back Limbs

Do you have a tree that is growing over your home? While the shade is pleasant, it’s not so great for your roof. Depending on the shade provided by the tree, moss, mildew, or algae can begin to form on the surface of your home. This isn’t a good thing for your shingles! Moss holds water much like a sponge. That sponge effect can cause the nearby shingles to raise, crack, and break. Before too long, those singles will need to be replaced. 

Secondly, if limbs and branches are trimmed back, the likelihood of a storm breaking one off and landing on your roof is minimal. Holes are not a pleasant fix and can easily be avoided. 

As we venture from one season to the next, take the time to properly maintain the roofing system of your home so it can protect you for years to come. Place complete trust in Revive Restoration in Minneapolis to assist with any inspection and roof repairs that are required. We have the skill, the equipment, and the knowledge to assess any form of damage and assist the homeowner in solving the problem. After all, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Trust the roofing experts at Revive Restoration! Call us today!