6 Ways Proper Installation of Rain Gutters Minimizes Home Maintenance To-Dos

May 13, 2022Blog, Gutters

There’s a reason every house has a rain gutter. Gutters serve an important purpose in the long-term care of your home, though their purpose may seem simple. The design of your rain gutter is to catch rainwater that is repelled by the roof and direct it away from the home via the downspout outlet. If the lengths of gutters are clogged, damaged, or poorly installed, the maintenance costs can be surprisingly high – especially if left untended.

In reverse, in what ways can proper gutter installation and modern aluminum gutter design reduce your home maintenance to-do list? Revive Restoration can help you reduce the amount of home maintenance you need each year with well-designed gutter systems installed by the experts.

Let’s take a closer look at the six ways the proper installation of rain gutters can minimize your home maintenance to-dos.

1. Eaves Repair: Prevent Rot Repairs Along the Eaves

Newly installed wooden eaves on a home. Proper gutter installation helps prevent the need for new eaves as often.

In almost all homes with damaged or missing gutter sections, you will find rot around the edges of the rooftop without gutter flashing, where wood is overhung just by shingles. The paint peels back, and the wood begins to rot from moisture exposure. This moisture can seep down the side of the house, causing progressive water damage. Low-quality, storm-bent, overflowing, and simply overaged gutters that do not properly channel water from the eaves often require the same long-term water damage maintenance.

With the professional installation of rain gutters with a modern design, you can avoid years of regular eaves repairs like removing and replacing the water-damaged wood.

2. Foundation Repair: Protect Your Foundation from Water Shifting

A new home foundation.

Why do downspouts point so far out into the yard?

It’s to avoid pooling water around the house foundation. The eaves, gutters, and downspouts work together to keep the ground directly below your house dry and firm to prevent foundation shifting and the catastrophic maintenance that comes after that.

When your gutters are working correctly, rainwater is directed away from the house at all times. Water is collected all the way around the eaves and dropped at chosen down-spouts into distant and unbuilt ground.

3. Gutter Cleaning: Smart Gutter Design Avoids Monthly Gutter Cleaning

Someone cleaning out a rain gutter. Proper gutter installation with precautionary measures can help limit how often gutters need to be cleaned.

Cleaning traditional gutters is necessary and difficult. Whether you use a long tool – which can get stuck or do damage – or you climb up on a ladder, cleaning gutters is hard work. However, gutters aren’t all the same shape anymore. There are now many different designs of gutters designed to minimize or prevent the buildup of leaves (or nests of animals) in your gutters to block the water flow.

With the right gutters and professional installation, you can stop cleaning your gutters every season or at least, make the job easier. You can stop dreading the gutter clogs of autumn leaves and spring nests.

4. Siding Restoration: Avoid Siding Discoloration from Water Damage

Discolored home siding from water damage caused by improperly installed gutters.

Keeping your home siding looking nice is a chore not all homeowners take on.

If you want your home to look crisp and uniform in color, your gutters must be in good condition. When moisture can seep down the side of your home, you will get siding discoloration no matter what material you are using.

Shake and paint may both darken when wet, while even vinyl siding will age differently if constantly wet vs. dry. Your siding may yellow or bleach when water runs down the outside of the house from the eaves, which will require new siding or repainting to fix.

With gutters that don’t permit leaks and runoff, you won’t have to worry about siding repair for five to ten years at a time.

5. Basement Remediation: Keep Basements Dry and Uncracked


Damaged cinderblock in a home's basement.

Some people deal with constant basement troubles. They may have seasonal basement flooding, growing cracks in the basement, or seeping moisture.

Your gutters up on the roof can actually help or harm the situation. If less moisture reaches the ground below your home, less can seep into your basement from this source.

Likewise, without gutters, your basement is at a far higher risk of being flooded and taking long-term water damage in the form of cracks, mold, and seeping moisture.

If you want to avoid unnecessary basement remediation over the years, simply invest in professionally installed gutters with a sturdy modern design.

6. Watering the Garden: Less Watering with Drain-Spout Irrigation

A plant being watered but gutter installation.

If you cultivate a garden or simply water the grass, you can reduce your need for water and the effort of hydrating each plant by turning your downspout into an irrigation line. You can do this with drip lines and even lined trenches to direct the rainwater that comes down in your local seasons into the flower beds, tree planters, and garden plots in your yard. Just be careful not to direct any serious water flow back toward the house.

Rainwater flows from the sky to your flower beds in this simple and clever way to make both home and garden maintenance easier.

Proper Installation of Rain Gutters With Revive Restoration

A newly installed gutter on a home.

The installation of rain gutters is an important step in protecting your home and preventing unnecessary long-term maintenance. If your rain gutters are damaged, or you have regular maintenance issues related to your gutters and water damage, Revive Restoration can help. Contact us today for professional gutter replacement and installation with a large selection of modern aluminum gutter designs.

If you let your gutters go without repair or replacement for too long and it’s damaged your home, Revive Restoration is happy to help with other home improvement projects like roofing, siding, windows, and insulation replacement. Be sure to ask about our other services when you give us a call!