Solar Roofing

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Solar Roofing

The New Star of the Industry

Yes, your roof really can pay for itself with solar roofing. Solar shingles offer you the same benefits of solar panels but look and function like conventional roofing materials. This is a revolutionary new way to clad your roof in solar-absorbing shingles that will generate electricity to power your home.

Solar roofing is quickly becoming a popular choice for conscious homeowners. Each shingle can produce on average between 13-63 watts of energy and cover your roof (and your energy bill!). Solar roofing can reduce your household carbon footprint, and the advantages of harvesting abundant, clean energy are clear.

Modern Roofing Solutions

The best thing about solar shingles is that they function two ways. First, they protect your home against whatever the weather brings: hail, wind, rain, and snow. Second, the solar shingles are made to look similar to asphalt or composite shingles. This is great for folks who don’t like the appearance of solar panels on their home.

Secondly, they are energy-creating solar materials that can absorb light to produce electricity for your home. The cost benefits, not to mention sustainability, are a huge win for homeowners.

Incredible benefits of solar roofing:

Single-layer roofing—no additional roofing materials are needed beneath the solar shingles

Almost identical appearance to general roofing shingles

More inconspicuous than your typical roof solar panels

Energy-efficient option for your home

Savings on electric bills

Solar roofing lasts 25 years or longer. This is remarkable for a technology that provides the dual function of protecting your home and generating cost-savings solar energy. If you are looking at a roof replacement, an investment in solar roofing can be paid off in a short time.


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If you are interested in learning more about how your roof can earn its keep, contact us at Revive Restoration. We are the Minnesota and Wisconsin experts on solar roofing options, providing a high-quality service that puts your needs first.

Whether you know the benefits of solar roofing or are just learning about it for the first time, we are happy to offer you a free consultation and inspection of your current roof. Contact us today for a quote and financing options for solar roofing.


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