Why You Should Get a Post-Season Inspection

Sep 15, 2020Blog, Roofing, Storm Damage

It was a stormy summer for Minnesota and Wisconsin, which means your home’s exterior could have sustained weather related damage. Whether from hail or wind, there’s many ways that a storm can compromise your home’s first defense—the roof. Plus, there might be other areas to check like caulking, storm collars, gutters/down spouts, and furnace caps, which we can do in our maintenance inspections.

If you’re not sure why a post-season inspection is so important, here’s a few common reasons why we are called in:

Hail Damage

Even small hail can leave its mark on your home if it has been wind driven. Because hail hits can be hard to spot, and most people don’t routinely go onto their roof, homeowners most likely won’t see that damage until it starts to cause issues like leaks or deteriorating shingles.

Hail damage can often be seen on gutters and down spouts. If you notice this kind of damage, it’s likely your roof has also been compromised.

Wind Damage

This one may be easier to spot depending on the severity of the storm. If strong gusts loosened or tore shingles off the roof, then it’s easier to see damages from the ground. However, sometimes wind does damage through the debris it carries. Even if the shingles on your roof were not blown off, they could still have suffered damage from fallen branches or other debris.

Normal Wear & Tear

Along with storms, there’s always the normal wear and tear of time. Fluctuating temps as we move in and out of the seasons will take a toll on your roof, and then that extra damage from storms only makes it worse.

General Exterior Damage

A roof isn’t just about shingles—it also needs adequate caulking, storm collars, gutters, and furnace caps. As you can see from the photo above, which we took on a job, these areas can suffer damage too. Just like the roof, they will need maintenance or repairs.

Even if you didn’t have a severe storm roll through your area this year, there’s a good chance you might have had one in the past couple years. If you didn’t get a post-season inspection then, there’s always time to get one now. We offer free inspections of your roof for damage and an affordable maintenance inspection when there’s other parts of your home’s exterior that needs repair. Give Revive Restoration a call to learn more.