Why Your Home Needs Gutters

Apr 15, 2020Blog, Roofing, Shingles

Unpredictable rain, as well as warmer temps, means lots of water. Gutter systems divert rainwater away from your home and when no gutters are present damage to your home can occur. One of the most common issues caused by full or lack of gutters is a wet basement.

You might be thinking, “the water will just roll off my roof, so no need for gutters.” In reality, that is part of the issue. A correctly installed gutter system prevents:

  • Water damage that could cause mold or deterioration
  • Moisture build-up that creates condensation or mold
  • Standing water that damages your homes foundation or causes basement flooding

All of these things could be detrimental to the structure of your home which is why it is important to have a gutter system and also one that is functioning well.

If you are experiencing pooling water around your home’s foundation, a wet basement, or noticing erosion near your home, it is time to have your gutters checked. If you have any questions or simply want a free no-touch estimate, give Revive Restoration a call.