Design Trends: Exploring 4 Popular Roof Colors in the Minneapolis Area This Year

Feb 20, 20242024 roof trends, best roof colors, Blog, Minneapolis, popular roof colors


Are you in the process of switching up your Minneapolis roof’s color? Changing your roof’s color is a great opportunity to incorporate your ideal exterior aesthetic and level up your home’s curb appeal. So, what are the 2024 roof trends in Minneapolis this year? 

In this article, we will delve into:

  • 4 popular roof colors in the Minneapolis area
  • Information about Revive Roofing and Restoration

Exploring 4 of the Best Roof Colors for Minneapolis Locals

When considering a new roof color for your Minneapolis residence, you should consider your home’s architecture, the surrounding landscape, local restrictions, and your ultimate exterior style goals. 

Deep Brown Hues: Inviting & Rustic 

Earthy, reddish brown is the perfect new roof color for your home in Minneapolis. This roof color will add a touch of warmth to your everyday living space. Ultimately, if you choose a deep brown color for your roof, it will add a cozy and rustic presence, complement a wide range of architectural styles, and complement the surrounding landscape. 


2024 roof trends, popular roof colors, best roof colors

Slate Grey: Elegant & Sleek

Slate grey roofing is a perfect color choice for Minneapolis homeowners who desire a sophisticated and modern vibe. These grey hues complement various architectural styles and add a sleek aesthetic to your home. In addition, a benefit of grey tones is that they can help keep your home cooler in the hot summer months by reflecting heat. 

Green Hues: Natural & Unique

Are you in search of a roof color that will add a unique and quaint touch to your home? We recommend that you try green roofing for size! These roof colors pair well with natural siding tones and provide contrast against the architecture in Minneapolis. You can often find green hues in architectural styles like Victoria, Mid-Century Modern, and Craftsman. Choosing a green roofing color gives your home a soothing, natural, and visually appealing aesthetic. 


2024 roof trends, popular roof colors

Classic Black: Bold & Timeless

It’s no surprise that a black roof never goes out of style. Choose a black roof if you want a roof color that is extremely versatile and sophisticated. Black roofing provides a high-contrast aesthetic and will mesh well with nearly any other color and texture you use on your home’s exterior. Plus, a new and eye-catching black roof will help you stay warm during the cold Minneapolis winter by keeping the heat inside your home. 

Revive Roofing and Restoration: Your Go-To Roofing Experts

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