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Are you looking for full-service roofing services in Saint Paul, Minnesota? At Revive Restoration, our team of expert contractors and craftsmen know your home is essential to you. Integrity is one of the driving forces behind our work. We dedicate ourselves to a job done right from start to finish. Revive Restoration promises trustworthy, high-quality services to create a functional and beautiful roof for your Saint Paul commercial or residential property. 

Trustworthy Roofing Contractor in Saint Paul

Revive Restoration has years of experience providing roofing and exterior renovation services in Saint Paul, Minnesota. No matter your unique needs, we provide a custom experience to satisfy every customer. Our crew is determined to make the experience easy and efficient to ensure your home renovation is flawless. 

From the Heart of the Midwest

Saint Paul residents know how winter and summer storms can take their toll on roofs, exterior walls, and gutters. However, dealing with stressful repairs after weather damage is something you don’t have to handle on your own. 

Lifelong Minnesota resident Grant Shaver founded Revive Restoration. His unique experience as a roofing contractor helps your home or commercial property withstand the harshest of weather. We pride ourselves on being the local experts on home exterior renovation and restoration.

Revive Restoration has the expertise and practical knowledge to identify storm damage to your home. Damages are not always evident to the untrained eye. We are dedicated to clear communications and making the entire repair process a breeze for our clients. Roof repair is stressful enough. So let us make it easy for you. 

We Offer the Following Roofing Services and Materials

We are experts in the repair of both standard and more unique roofing issues. As roofing contractors, we have worked on many builds that require a custom approach and an experienced hand. 

Roof Repair

By teaming up with Revive, you can receive regular roof maintenance to ensure the longevity of your roof. Maintenance can help you avoid a premature roof replacement. We are experts in a variety of roofing shingle options, including vinyl, asphalt, metal, stonework, and more. 

Roof Replacement 

When a replacement becomes necessary, you want a team that will focus on your satisfaction entirely. We pride ourselves on getting the job done fast. Your life can quickly go back to normal, and your home can look beautiful again! Our team is efficient and capable, producing timely results that give your property amazing curb appeal. 

Roof Restoration

Roof restoration after a storm needs prompt and careful attention. If your roof takes damage from hail, wind, or other debris, you will want a confident contractor on the job. Revive can perform inspections to assess storm impact and follow up fast to ensure no additional damages occur. Our team will ensure your home or commercial property is restored to pre-storm condition (or better!). 

Siding and Gutter Services

We offer siding and gutter repair and replacement as well. We have top-quality materials to restore your exterior walls or gutters for beautiful curb appeal and a boosted resale value. We offer a range of colors and materials to choose from to match or replace the existing materials. 

Roofing Repair and Restoration Experts You Can Trust 

Our proven reputation showcases how from day one, our full-service roofing team focuses on customer experience. We ensure that every customer is satisfied, knowing that their property is in optimal condition. Our customers know they received the best possible service available. 

From the first contact to the final walk-through, our friendly crew makes sure you are comfortable and confident in the process. We will provide a clear timeline and expectations so that you are well informed and are aware of every decision. 

Our team respects your property and will leave no trace. All that is left behind is a beautiful new roof and your satisfied smile.  

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Revive Restoration has the experience and practical knowledge to identify storm damage to your home that is not always evident to the untrained eye. We are dedicated to clear communications and making the entire repair process a breeze for our clients. Home repair is stressful enough. So let us make it easy for you.

For a free assessment, contact us today, and we’ll quickly prepare an estimate for your home repair or renovation project.

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