Is It Time to Consider Replacing Vinyl Siding? 5 Signs

Feb 21, 2022Blog, Siding

When all goes well with your home, you probably don’t spend much time thinking about your home’s siding. Quality home vinyl siding is a lot like a good offensive line: when everything is working the way it should, things look great, and you don’t really notice anything more than that. However, when there’s a problem with the siding, it’s pretty obvious that something is seriously wrong.

However, not every siding problem is obvious enough to get homeowners to consider replacing vinyl siding. If you’re not paying attention to these issues, you could find yourself needing a major siding repair before you’re ready to take care of it. If any of these problems show themselves, it’s time to start planning a siding project before it’s too late!

Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Home’s Vinyl Siding

A power cord resting on top of a hundred dollar bill and an expensive energy bill.

1. Higher Energy Bills

What does your siding have to do with your energy bills? Your home’s siding has several purposes besides aesthetics, and one of the most overlooked ones is the job it plays in keeping your home at an ideal temperature year-round. When your home is either too warm or too cold, several potential factors could be at play, and one of them is your home’s siding.

That’s because quality vinyl siding helps keep warm air in the home during the winter and cool air during the summer. If you’re noticing that your home has started to feel drafty, replacing vinyl siding might be the solution to your problem. However, improper insulation and leaks in your windows can also cause this problem, so be sure that you’ve ruled out other issues before you start a siding project that you don’t actually need.

Blue home siding.

2. Regular Repainting

Unless you’re indecisive about your color scheme, your home shouldn’t need to be painted more often than once a decade. Even then, that’s repainting the house because you want to, not because you have to paint. When you have no choice but to redo the exterior of the home, you’ll want to take a look at replacing your home’s siding as well.

Repainting the siding is necessary for some homes, only occasionally, not regularly. Plus, some owners just don’t have the time to properly repaint their home when it needs it, which leads to even more problems with the house’s siding.

To fix this, a vinyl siding project can be an excellent answer. Vinyl siding is as low-maintenance as it gets, so it’s a fine choice for busy homeowners that don’t want to pay someone for maintenance and don’t have time to do the maintenance work themselves. When you put quality vinyl siding on the home and take good care of it, it can last for the length of your ownership of the house.

3. Faded Home Exterior

The side of your home that faces the sun will see its color fade over time, and when it starts to become noticeable, that’s when it’s time to consider replacing the home’s exterior. Vinyl is a durable material, which is one reason it’s such a popular choice, but even it isn’t immune to weather conditions over time.

When you see the home’s color start to fade on that side, that’s a sign that sunlight and other weather conditions have weakened the home’s protection from Mother Nature, which means that it’s the right time to consider replacing vinyl siding. The longer you wait, the more you’re going to risk exposing your home to the elements, which can lead to major damage and much higher repair bills. As soon as something doesn’t look quite right, it’s time to think about your next move with your home’s siding.

White, chipped interior paint. Chipping paint could be a sign it's time to consider replacing vinyl siding on your home.

4. Paint Peeling Inside

Why would interior problems mean something is wrong with the siding? Your home’s vinyl siding should keep moisture out of your home, but when it doesn’t do its job, the moisture from outside has to find its way somewhere.

Unfortunately, that somewhere is often the drywall of your home’s interior walls. When it becomes damaged from the inside, you’ll likely notice bubbling, peeling, or faded paint inside your house.

Like your energy bill, this one can’t be attributed solely to problems with your siding. If something’s wrong with your walls, it’s more likely that you’ve got a plumbing problem that’s causing the issue. But if it turns out there’s nothing wrong with your pipes, the moisture affecting your walls almost certainly has to be coming from outside. If that’s the case, it’s time to consider replacing your vinyl siding before things get worse.

5. Holes in the Siding

Unfortunately, your siding isn’t going to sit there completely safe from outside factors. Termites, ants, rodents, and other pests are going to try to find their way into your home by any means possible. One of their favorite ways to do so is by eating through your home’s siding material and creating a hole for them to enter.

If you’ve spotted a few holes in your home’s siding, that means one or more creatures have likely found their way into your home through their determination, and that means you’ve got two problems to worry about.

Not only do you have to think about replacing vinyl siding at your first opportunity, but you’ll also need to call in an exterminator to take care of any creatures who have entered your home. However, the most important thing is to close off any new threats from outside, which means it’s time to consider a siding project as soon as possible.

Replacing Vinyl Siding in Minnesota

A worker installing vinyl siding on a home after the homeowner considered replacing vinyl siding and weighed the pros and cons

When you’ve got one or more of these signs with your home’s siding, it’s time to call for siding replacement experts to get the job done. At Revive Restoration, we’re proud to offer quality home siding that protects your house from the elements and looks fantastic throughout the year.

We’ll handle the siding removal and replacement and have many siding options available to work with for your new install.

When you’re looking at replacing vinyl siding, contact our team of siding contractors to make sure the job is done right with beautiful long-term results!